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Experience a new era in home fragrance with noBrn. Say goodbye to worries about open flames and harmful chemicals. With our innovative flameless, refillable pods, your home is filled with enchanting scents worry-free. Our elegant design complements any decor, and you have complete control over the fragrance intensity. We're eco-friendly and carbon-negative, recognized globally for our innovation. Each refillable pod lasts 30 days, equivalent to 12 scented candles, saving money and reducing waste.

Eco-Friendly, Safe, Stylish Fragrance


Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our elegantly crafted glass vessels. The polished planes and gold-plated adjustable lids make noBrn a true coffee table-worthy centerpiece, adding a touch of modern appeal to any space.

Watercolor Wildflowers Illustration
Watercolor Wildflowers Illustration

Easy Swap Fragrance Pod

. Our refillable fragrance pods and eco-conscious materials make noBrn the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious individuals. With easy-to-swap pods lasting up to 30 days, you'll enjoy long-lasting fragrance while minimizing waste.

Adjustable Lid

noBrn's innovative adjustable lid lets you control fragrance intensity with a simple swivel. Personalize your scent experience effortlessly, creating the perfect ambiance for any space.

Watercolor Wildflowers Illustration


Sugar Cane Plantation
Simple Film Frame


Revolutionary scent material made from Sugar Cane

Lavender aromatherapy
Simple Film Frame


Combines the power of essential oils and green technology

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Simple Film Frame


Our refillable fragrance pods last up to 30 days

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